Writing a non-fiction within the space of 7 days or less might actually sound too good to be true but believe me, it is very much possible.

You know why? It’s because I have done it several times.

You might think that writing within that short period of time will give a story with lesser quality

Well, let me change your mind about that.

There are some few steps that can actually help you just as it has helped me so far.

So, stay with me as we take a closer look at the amazing steps for publishing/writing a book within 7 days or less.

Step#1: How many stories do I want and how soon? This is very important, and there is a possibility that if you overlook this you might not get the work done.

So, set a word total for your story and also a day deadline and make sure you stick with it no matter how good bad or indifferent.

In summary, let it be somewhere at the back of your mind that you’re publishing on the date you’ve set for yourself.

Sometimes the book you’ve written might not be as good as you anticipated it would be. Well, do not fret as you can always go back to edit it as soon as it is live.

Step#2: when writing a non-fiction or any story at all, see yourself as a teacher who is trying to teach and not just an ordinary writer.

Therefore, people must be able to see the messages you’re conveying in a pictorial way.

If you do that, you won’t need to focus much on trying to craft the flawless flowing prose, believe me, you’ll be helping more people than you realize.




Why Soccer Is the King of All Sports

Sports betting is progressively more getting to be an online business. Several billion in dollars are wagered every time a match is being played.

The statistic of bookmakers reveal betting in soccer is one of the popular in sports betting. Soccer is considered to be the sports that are greatly watched, played mostly and is the highest earning.

The Odds Tell a Story

Soccer is the greatest of every sport due to the reason of the simplicity in understanding the game.

Suspense, coupled with reckless and eccentric finishes are loaded in every game. With every move, players push themselves to the limit, with a game played, every emotion is palpable; very great, it sickens the stomach, expression of joy and anger. It is a genuine form of entertainment.

Soccer can be equated to magic and it’s due to the greatness of the sports that names such as Maradona and Pele are household names.

Soccer owns the highest number of fan base when it comes to the sporting world. More games that are played gives a platform for betting and this is because of the live televising of more games. This is greater than any sports, if you look at a site like

This has led to a more variety of betting live and there are examples such as the Asian Handicap, full-time corner numbers, half time corner numbers, half time score etc.


Profitable Live Bets on Every Match Day

Savvy punters, now, can differentiate between betting live and normal betting. Before live betting was introduced, punters determine betas by analysis and past data, but now with live bets, punters can see how matches unfold because the odds say stories. The odds movement is indicative of the team’s performance as at when playing.

The odds are adjusted by bookmakers by seconds or minutes in relationship to the teams playing level. So, the scenario is being told by the odds movement and it cannot be far apart from the bookmaker’s view.

From the changed odds, the punter should identify the indicative odds on the right time so as to bet, time for exiting the bet. This is to reduce loss and reduce the extent of damage that would be done financially. Knowing this is how to succeed in life bet.

Several punting Opportunities are embedded in all match. Profitable bets are easily made during the first twenty minutes in the game, during the game and the match’s final ten minutes. It all just lies in the skill to recognize and gain from such probability.

A contrast of live betting game with card games is, with live betting for soccer, winning is possible even if you betted on the team that is losing.



My name is Stanley O. I am a chartered accountant with an intense passion for soccer.

I am a performance analyzer who records and monitors performances while liaising with coaches and athletes in the training area to boost their performance.

In my sporting career, I have successfully run 17 live events while providing vital information on how to successfully run a career in sports.

Finally, I teach on how to keep a healthy and active lifestyle in the Fitness and Health Zone.


Essential Oils are gotten from certain plants. These plants are from one of the most important plant species. Among all the plants that can be used for curative purposes, they are still regarded as outstanding in that family.

These plants that we extract Essential Oils from are in a class of their own. They are a lifewire in the field of healing and curative herbs.

Essential Oils easily carry nutrients into any part of the body. They are the sweet smelling oils that are extracted from certain plants, shrubs, seeds, bushes or trees. These oils are volatile.

The ancient process of extracting these oils was delicate. It was carried out by someone who was skilled in the act. This process however is almost extinct.

Thankfully, science has begun to discovery new ways of extracting this volatile oil. Science also has started to discover and rediscover the healing powers inherent in Essential Oils. With the help of science, we can understand why these oils are essential to us more than herbs will ever be.

So Why Are Essential Oils More Potent Than Dried Herbs?

All the nutrients found in plants, amino acid precursors, oxygenating molecules, enzymes, hormones, coenzyme A factors, vitamins and so much more can be found in Essential Oils. These oils are thick and concentrated.

Because of their concentration level, Essential Oils have better curative and healing effects. The therapeutic potency found in these oils is up to 70 times of what you find in herbs or plants.