Essential Oils are gotten from certain plants. These plants are from one of the most important plant species. Among all the plants that can be used for curative purposes, they are still regarded as outstanding in that family.

These plants that we extract Essential Oils from are in a class of their own. They are a lifewire in the field of healing and curative herbs.

Essential Oils easily carry nutrients into any part of the body. They are the sweet smelling oils that are extracted from certain plants, shrubs, seeds, bushes or trees. These oils are volatile.

The ancient process of extracting these oils was delicate. It was carried out by someone who was skilled in the act. This process however is almost extinct.

Thankfully, science has begun to discovery new ways of extracting this volatile oil. Science also has started to discover and rediscover the healing powers inherent in Essential Oils. With the help of science, we can understand why these oils are essential to us more than herbs will ever be.

So Why Are Essential Oils More Potent Than Dried Herbs?

All the nutrients found in plants, amino acid precursors, oxygenating molecules, enzymes, hormones, coenzyme A factors, vitamins and so much more can be found in Essential Oils. These oils are thick and concentrated.

Because of their concentration level, Essential Oils have better curative and healing effects. The therapeutic potency found in these oils is up to 70 times of what you find in herbs or plants.