Writing a non-fiction within the space of 7 days or less might actually sound too good to be true but believe me, it is very much possible.

You know why? It’s because I have done it several times.

You might think that writing within that short period of time will give a story with lesser quality

Well, let me change your mind about that.

There are some few steps that can actually help you just as it has helped me so far.

So, stay with me as we take a closer look at the amazing steps for publishing/writing a book within 7 days or less.

Step#1: How many stories do I want and how soon? This is very important, and there is a possibility that if you overlook this you might not get the work done.

So, set a word total for your story and also a day deadline and make sure you stick with it no matter how good bad or indifferent.

In summary, let it be somewhere at the back of your mind that you’re publishing on the date you’ve set for yourself.

Sometimes the book you’ve written might not be as good as you anticipated it would be. Well, do not fret as you can always go back to edit it as soon as it is live.

Step#2: when writing a non-fiction or any story at all, see yourself as a teacher who is trying to teach and not just an ordinary writer.

Therefore, people must be able to see the messages you’re conveying in a pictorial way.

If you do that, you won’t need to focus much on trying to craft the flawless flowing prose, believe me, you’ll be helping more people than you realize.



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